Current offers


Settlement and cash service

From 5% on the balance and no maintenance fee

Deposits for legal entities

Up to 23% in UAH and up to 10% in USD

Currency Transactions

Interbank currency exchange rates

Deposits for individuals

To 25.5% per annum in UAH and up to 12.25% per annum in USD

Key marks

Authorized capital stock

153 mln. uah

Regulatory capital

191,4 mln. uah


449,4 mln. uah

Loan portfolio

391,1 mln. uah

Deposit portfolio

226,2 mln. uah

Net profit (YTD)

1758,7 thous. uah


3 offices

Corporate clients


Private clients


Top-13 of bank deposits reliability


The success of any alliance stands on three whales: first — it's fate, the other five — trust.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Treat the customer as a high-value asset

Steve Jobs

The most important thing — to set up a close relationship with customers and constantly make conclusions from the information you get from them.

Bill Gates

I have never worked on marketing. I just loved my customers.

Zino Davidoff

If you’re short, take a loan. Never ask for a small amount. Ask for what you need, and always pay it back, the sooner the better.  

Aristotle Onassis

Always choose the hardest way - you will never meet competitors there

Charles de Gaulle

Mistakes have been made, there have been delays and untold sufferings

Lee Iacocca

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never reach it.

John Rockefeller

In business world there is no use of creative thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Managers do not accept good ideas, if they are not presented to them by a good seller.

David Ogilvy

Investment is to invest money today and tomorrow to get more money.

Warren Buffett

Our values


Our mission

Our mission is to make the world of banking services more accessible and comfortable. Efficiency and flexibility, the ability to delegate responsibility and art of creative solutions are the main reasons to continue your partnership with us.

Our clients

Our customers are different. Large enterprise, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, employees, companies who use our settlement services.

Our team

Regardless of the changes in the Ukrainian economy, stable and professional team of the Bank provides a consistently high level of service, thus, maintain and develop its competitiveness in any economic "weather."